My Weight Loss Journey: My Enthusiasm Takes a Dip



I shouldn’t drink so much because now I’ve been left HIGHLY unmotivated. Also, because of my great weight loss last week, I’m paranoid about a gain this week. I know I just need to push through. But I’m already 29 points over my splurge and activity points. I need to work out more this week to balance it, but dammit! Drinking ruins my points. I’ll have to eat really well today and tomorrow to prepare for the weigh in on Thursday morning. I also need to work out tomorrow morning since I failed to do that today – I blame my boyfriend since he was staying with me. But that’s ok since he’s good company. I also have my uhh women’s time this week so I think that could be effecting everything. Maybe that’s why my appetite is so wonky. I’ve been eating Amy’s Light and Lean frozen meals and they are YUMMY. I add a little extra cheese to make myself happier and I don’t feel bad! I’m trying to eat all natural and organic as much as possible. My mother sent me an article saying that Lean Cuisine just came out with a line of “Honestly Good” all-natural organic frozen meals but unfortunately, nowhere near me (IN NEW YORK CITY!) is selling them so far. I’ll have to stalk some down. I can’t let myself get discouraged though, I’ve been doing so well and I know how great I’ve been feeling. I don’t want to slide backwards! I’ve coupled this post with the most recent picture of me – as good as I feel it was still shocking to see how big I look. I guess I haven’t had many pictures taken in the past year, so each one is kind of a surprise. BUT STILL, LOOK HOW HAPPY I LOOK! (Sorry about the Debbie Downer post)


About The Chubby Temptress

This is my blog documenting my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. Any words of encouragement are welcome, words of discouragement however will be treated as a declaration of war

4 responses to “My Weight Loss Journey: My Enthusiasm Takes a Dip

  1. Drinking definitely throws off my health plans as well. But don’t worry about being a downer, we all need to vent and this is the perfect place to do it 🙂

  2. Well I think you look absolutely great and your smiles awesome 🙂 🙂

  3. You do look very happy 😍 and everyone has an off couple of days especially during that week… its allowed

  4. Exactly like the other 2 posted… This is the place to vent 🙂 We’re all here to listen and encourage you, and you look extremely happy in that pic:) Never let things get you down… Enjoy yourself, and if you have to, find healthier ways to indulge 😉

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