My Weight Loss Journey: Fell Off the Wagon, I’ll Wait for the Next One

So I crazily binged last night. I felt STARVING. Which again could be attributed either to the extreme consumption of alcohol on the weekend or the special lady time of the month that I am experiencing. But it was BAAAAD. Peanut butter, cheese, crackers, Cool Whip with frozen cherries, a Hershey’s cookies & cream bar that my friend left over my apartment – I ate it all! But I actually stopped before eating myself sick – usually I wouldn’t do that! So, that’s an improvement. I know I probably went about 20 points or more over my daily target, putting me 49 points over my activity and splurge points. But here’s the weird thing – I weighed myself as sort of a punishment for my sins and I was actually down from my previous post binge weight of 176.8. I am 175.8 lbs. I am sort of confused as to why this is happening. I can only assume that because I was eating SO many more calories before and the quality of the food was just about a step up from styrofoam that my body is responding to the better quality of food in a lesser (though still large) quantity. It could also be that the weight won’t show until tomorrow, I remember reading once that you have two days to burn off the food you eat. I have only worked out once this week (my Weight Watcher weeks are Thursday to Thursday), so I have plans to go to the gym with my friend tonight. Hopefully she won’t try and flake out as she is staying at my apartment and that would leave me in an awkward situation. I’m afraid if I don’t work out, I’ll have a gain for my weigh in tomorrow! I’m going home for the weekend for my mother’s birthday/Father’s day, so that will either be a good or bad thing. Good in the way that I won’t be drinking, bad in the way that we’ll probably go out to eat. I really, REALLY need to stay on track better. I have a wedding in around 60 days and I’d like to realistically be about 10-15 lbs lighter by then. I need to work out more!! WHY IS IT SO HARD?!?! I usually try to work out in the morning or else I just won’t go, but it’ll be hard to tomorrow morning since my friend will be there. If I get her to work out tonight, I doubt she’ll be into the idea in the morning. I suppose I’ll just have to do a video or something in my bedroom while she sleeps – that is if she lets me sleep enough tonight! I’m excited for the weigh in tomorrow simply so I can kind of start over, with new points and a new chance to do better. That’s something I love about the program- even when you fall, you really can get right back on that wagon.


About The Chubby Temptress

This is my blog documenting my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. Any words of encouragement are welcome, words of discouragement however will be treated as a declaration of war

2 responses to “My Weight Loss Journey: Fell Off the Wagon, I’ll Wait for the Next One

  1. pjchaney

    I so feel your pain. I have fallen off the wagon too, and I am back to my heaviest weight every. It is so discouraging and frustrating. But somehow, someway I will find my way back on.

  2. Check out this article…

    I found it to be really helpful when I was new to WW. I’ve found keeping fruits or veggies cut and ready to go goes along way in making sure you don’t go through your weekly points quickly.

    On the bright side, you can always earn them back with activity points. 🙂

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