My Weight Loss Journey: Haven’t Posted for A While…

I haven’t posted for a while. I had a .8 gain last week. Well that is, on Wednesday. I refused to even weigh myself on Thursday as I lost control Wednesday night. I kept to it the rest of the week and have been good this week, so I weighed myself to check in and I’m at 174.4. If I can stay there or lose more for this week, I’ll be very pleased. So let’s hope! I haven’t been working out like I should, but I make sure I walk for at least and hour a day, which is usually easy to do because of living in NYC and my commute. I’ve been taking the ferry home, which is a 25 minute walk after work and I like it. I’m wearing a dress that was too small for me right now and it’s still tight as HELL in the bust, but hey, I gots some big boobies. I still want to be around 160 lb for the wedding I’m going to on August 10th. That’s around 7 and half weeks away, so that is entirely plausible, but maybe too much pressure. If I actually started working out at least 3 times a week, I’d probably hit it! AHHHH INCENTIVES


About The Chubby Temptress

This is my blog documenting my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. Any words of encouragement are welcome, words of discouragement however will be treated as a declaration of war

2 responses to “My Weight Loss Journey: Haven’t Posted for A While…

  1. i think being any amount closer to your goal by the time the wedding comes, whether you are almost there, or closer than you are now, should be considered a success 🙂

  2. That is EXACTLY how I should look at it. THANK YOU. I kind of lost sight of that for a minute, which is bad. I can’t go back to the goal orientated view of things because I always get discouraged by how slowly everything is happening. But I need to enjoy the journey and trust that I’ll reach my destination eventually. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

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