My Weight Loss Journey: I Dreamed a Dream

Last night I had a weird dream. I was with a group of my current friends and this popular guy from my high school (who always seemed to like me but never made a move due to my unpopularity and weirdness) showed up. Back in high school I thought I was a total heifer, although ironically I was around 145 – 160 lbs back then which is around 15-20 lbs thinner than I am now. Anyway, in the dream, my friends and I were standing in this fun house slide type of area, standing over the top of a slide. Mike (the hs guy) came over and said “Wow… you’ve gained weight.” In the dream, I shouted at him and shoved him off of the top of the slide. When I told my friends, they started yelling at him. The last thing I coherently remember from the dream is that after I calmed down and my friends tried to make me feel better, I was explaining to my friend why I thought he had reacted that way. “He always secretly liked me in high school, and I think he was hoping I’d lose weight and grow up hot, so then he’d feel comfortable finally making a move on me. He spoke without thinking because he was so disappointed.” Don’t quite know what to think about this…


About The Chubby Temptress

This is my blog documenting my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. Any words of encouragement are welcome, words of discouragement however will be treated as a declaration of war

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