My Weight Loss Journey: Self Flagulation

I am SO ANGRY at myself. I binge ate all 4th of July break: barbecues, parties, ice cream, galore. From Wednesday night until yesterday. I was at 172.4, my lowest weight in a year. What am I now? 180.2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I AM SO ANGRY. Now I realize a couple of pounds will melt away easily, but this still takes me a month backward. I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THIS TO MYSELF. I keep telling myself the only good that can come from this is if I start exercising as a result. So I need to use it as an incentive to start exercising. I need to go tonight and work my ass out. UGH, WHY DO I DO THIS??? Time to start tracking again too. I am so disappointed in myself


About The Chubby Temptress

This is my blog documenting my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. Any words of encouragement are welcome, words of discouragement however will be treated as a declaration of war

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