My Weight Loss Journey: The Day of Reckoning Is Almost Upon Me

Weigh in tomorrow. No way it’s gonna be a lose, but that’s all my fault and not even remotely hard to understand why. At least that’s less frustrating than a gain in a week where I’ve been on point. I worked out on Monday, skipped Tuesday but at least did a lot of walking, and worked out this morning for 40 minutes. I plan on working out tonight, partly because my gym is showing “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in their movie room and I’ve never seen it. I may not be able to catch it at the beginning though, so maybe I’ll just watch the rest of Pride & Prejudice (which I watched the beginning of this morning). I’ve seen that one, but I love it. I digress.

I feel good that I’ve been working out and I do feel more energized and healthier already and it’s only been 2 work outs. I need to keep it up. Seriously, audible and downloading movies to my iPad have saved me. I can do the relaxing activities (reading, watching tv) I would be doing otherwise, only at the gym! I have a desk bike I still need to put together in my apartment (yeah, I’M LAZY), so once I get that all set up, maybe I’ll start playing video games while biking. Anything to trick myself into getting extra exercise, right? So in terms of weight loss this week, I have most likely failed (unless I lose 5 lbs in one day…. Which I don’t want to do…) but overall I think it’s been successful in terms of my health. My unhealthiness inspired me to get back in the gym. WIN