My Weight Loss Journey: Getting Mah Ass in Gear

Weighed myself this morning. 176.2 thankfully. That’s 4 of the 8 I gained this weekend gone really easily. I can breathe a sigh of relief. I may be able to get back to 172.2 by Thursday’s weigh in. I really don’t want to gain! I ate really healthy yesterday and also earned 10 activity points, I just need to keep it up. I ended up just walking on the treadmill for an hour and ten minutes at various speeds and inclines, but that’s a start. I figure if I download a movie or tv episodes onto my iPad mini, I can just walk and watch instead of sitting on the couch and watching like I would at home. I’m going to try to do this in addition to real work outs, but even if I just stick with this, it’s something. I walked for a total of 262 minutes yesterday including my commute!! GO ME! So for reals, if I use my binge time as my incentive to add exercise to my regimen, then it actually ended up being a good thing in the end. I also read this article:¬† and while I think it was a little insensitive to say “used to be fat” rather than “used to be overweight or unhealthy”, the article itself inspired me. If they can get in shape and become personal trainers and fitness experts, why can’t I? I used to be in amazing shape and I keep mourning that I never will be again. BUT I WILL BE. I WILL BE BETTER